Mindroot's services are used by individuals. companies, city and state authorities and organizations. Our main services are:

Here below is a list of the ways we collaborate with our different client groups.

Lawyers and attorneys

We collaborate with various law firms, e.g. transmitting legal assignments to them through our networks, assisting them in the transmission of science-based psychological information, e.g. writing statements, as well as providing assignments with psychological counselling and consultation. In addition, we consult and, if necessary, participate in mediation and carry out the psychological preparation of the person to be heard in court, e.g. stress management and the psychological aftermath of the legal process. In addition, we provide supervision for lawyers and attorneys.

We act as expert witnesses in criminal and litigation matters. We have been expert witnesses in district and appellate courts dozens of times and have trained and supervised social and health sector experts in court witnessing. Our expert certificate is based on scientific knowledge and, if necessary, scientific research in the field of behavioural sciences (psychology, psychiatry, social psychology).

We have developed several methods to alleviate witness’s stress related to legal proceedings. We have experience in the preparation of a witness in promoting stress management with a person going to be heard by the police or court and are constantly developing new methods for it.

Authorities and organizations

We have experience in assisting the police in criminal investigations, e.g. participating in the interview and promoting remembrance of the civil party concerned, conducting threat assessments, and delineating the suspects through factor analysis. We have also collaborated with prosecutors and judges, e.g. in the context of further training in the field of forensic psychology. Our experts have been consulted twice by the Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee. We provide supervision to legal, social and health authorities. We also have a long history of collaboration with crime victim support service providers and various NGOs working in the field of security and justice in the field of training and work supervision both in Finland and abroad. We conduct supervision via video for e.g. authorities and aid workers abroad. In Finland, we also collaborate with e.g. the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalistic Culture, various occupational health service providers and university hospitals.


We serve individuals at the reception of a forensic psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Topics covered at the reception may relate, for example, to the initiation of legal proceedings, stress and stress management associated with the proceedings, or the preparation for a court or police hearing. We have developed a number of methods to alleviate the stress associated with legal proceedings. We use evidence-based therapy methods, the most important of which is EMDR therapy. Our experts are also psychotherapists or trauma therapists by background. We collaborate with various insurance companies, HUS and Kela in providing psychotherapy services, e.g. to civil parties of criminal offences. We specialize in treating people who have been the victims of crime and experience a variety of mental health disorders (including traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, and depression). 


Our experts have experience in educational cooperation, e.g. with the following parties: Association of Finnish Lawyers, Finnish Psychological Association, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Academy of Finland, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, Finnish Association of Child Psychiatrists, HUS, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL, Family Federation of Finland, Finnish Fire Officers’ Association, Helsinki Shelter Association, Chamber of Commerce, Talentum, Prosecutor Academy, Tukinainen, individual courts, social authorities and educational institutions, Supreme Court, Aalto University, EFCAP, Sexpo, Finance Finland, Trade Union Jyty, Criminal Sanctions Agency, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, various summer universities, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, individual schools and educational institutions, Regional State Administrative Agency, various mediation agencies, National Police Board of Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland.