Psychological services

We have know-how and experience in clinical psychology, sports psychology, occupational health psychology, work and organizational psychology, forensic psychology and criminal psychology.


We serve individuals at the reception of a psychologist, work supervisors, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Those treated at the reception are typically related to legal proceedings, stress and its management, trauma, or counselling in family law matters. We work with various insurance companies and HUS to provide psychotherapy services to those involved in crime.

Work psychology

Our expert services in work and organizational psychology cover individual and group work guidance, crisis intervention, investigation of allegations of bullying, assistance in recruiting for demanding expert tasks, and management support and coaching.

Individual and group work supervision and coaching are agreed on a case-by-case basis according to the needs of the service buyer. Our office has developed an EMDR-based work supervision method for resolving difficult work situations for the group via video, where each participant can work on their own memory of the event (e.g. a challenging customer situation) under the supervision of a work supervisor. The method has so far been used with social professionals and the experience with it is very positive.

Our experts have been involved in several crisis management situations affecting the company’s personnel, and we have solid experience in acute crisis work. We have trained people to act in crisis and threat situations, e.g. state administration, police and various educational institutions. We have agreements with the occupational health care of various organizations for outsourced occupational health care for EMDR care. It is also possible to enter an acute care contract with our office, which guarantees access to the treatment of an individual in a crisis within three days of the order. We also work with the police to deal with various personal threats.

Sports psychology

Our sports psychology services for individuals and groups cover e.g. athlete mental coaching, EMDR coaching and coach crisis intervention. We have developed the BLS4 Online Help method based on EMDR therapy, which relieves performance tension and stress. Our office's psychotherapy services also cover the therapy process related to ending a sports career, in which e.g. EMDR therapy, for example, can be used in the treatment of mental symptoms caused by disability. The BS4 Online Help video-assisted application for team work management is also suitable for use by a group of athletes who want to quickly work on and neutralize a negative experience and associated memory footprint that could impair the future performance of a group.

Forensic and criminal psychology

Our expert services for lawyers, attorneys, judicial authorities, companies and individuals cover the following areas: Supervision of work for professionals working in the legal field, preparing a witness for trial, behavioural and health sciences advice and consultation, expert testimony, mediation, and EMDR therapy for crime victims.

Lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals

Job coaching, assisting in drafting or mediating a statement, and witness stress management coaching are the most important forms of our cooperation with various law firms. We have acted as expert witnesses in dozens of criminal and litigation cases. We train and mentor social and health professionals in law certification and legal professionals in psychology in law. Our expert certificate is based on scientific knowledge in the field of Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Psychiatry, Social Psychology) and, if necessary, scientific research.

Authorities and organizations

We have assisted the police in criminal investigations, e.g. participating in the interrogation, preparing threat assessments, and conducting analytical work. We have trained prosecutors, police officers and all members of the courts of first instance on numerous psychological topics. Our experts have been consulted twice in the Parliamentary Committee on Law. We do individual and group work supervision with legal and social and health professionals. 

We have a long history of co-operation with non-governmental organizations operating in the field of security and justice, e.g. in the field of education and work supervision both in Finland and abroad. Through video, we also provide work supervision to authorities abroad and employees of aid organizations. 

In Finland, in addition to the authorities and non-governmental organizations, we co-operate e.g. With the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalistic Culture, various occupational health service providers and university hospitals.