Work supervision

Our firm's experts specialize in solution-oriented and EMDR-based work supervision. The stages of the work supervision process include reflective discussions, which include identifying professional and personal skills, promoting job development, identifying and solving work challenges and increasing self-awareness. The goal of work supervision is always professional growth. In work supervision, the EMDR therapy method can be used to process negative emotions related to the client's work, work community and own work role by neutralizing the associated negative and present-disturbing memory traces and negative thoughts and beliefs about oneself. 

We have used the EMDR method successfully to work on, among other things, difficult customer situations, challenging interaction situations, redundancy situations and negative experiences caused by collective bargaining. In addition, we use the EMDR method to work with stress caused by future work situations, such as treating performance anxiety. Our office has also developed the EMDR protocol BLS4 Online Help for remote group work via video, which we have used for work groups of 4-5 people at a time to work on difficult experiences. 

Our work supervision attitude is equal and customer oriented. The duration of work coaching varies from three visits to crisis intervention to three years and is always based on a written agreement.