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The texts are divided into three parts: About EMDR These blogtexts deal with the theoretical background and application areas of EMDR. These blogs are numbered and should be read in order from the first. The second part, Share Your Story, includes writings that deal with the EMDR treatment or coaching of a specific client who appears anonymously here. Each client has given permission to publish their story. Often this involves a word-for-word referral from the client’s EMDR session.

These blog posts, like other blog posts on our blog, aim to raise awareness of EMDR therapy and its applications. Customers are not identifiable from the texts. The client's experiences can be commented on objectively and I can be asked questions about the implementation of the therapy. I would like to collectively thank all my customers who contributed to the "share your story" blog. I find each of them strong and courageous, and I am infinitely grateful to them for allowing others to join us on our journey together.

All questions and feedback posted to blogs are read through before they are published.

Helinä Häkkänen
Mindroot Blog Manager

PS. Some of the articles are in Finnish.

Information about EMDR

2. The eight stages of EMDR therapy

In this blog post, I will present the eight steps of EMDR therapy. I will refer to these steps in my future writings when describing therapy work. Eye movement therapy always uses a specific, precisely defined protocol, i.e., a treatment practice that proceeds in stages.

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EMDR coaching in sports

Last year is likely to be a year in the world of sports that changed the way top athletes talk about their mental health. Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles and Lewis Hamilton, among others, spoke publicly about their mental challenges.

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Share Your Story

EMDR therapy in processing a harmful codependency

Many people who come to my office because of relationship difficulties say that they recognize codependency in themselves, in which a person lives in a poorly functioning relationship and focuses instead of himself or herself on the life, problems and needs of the other.

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EMDR therapy for treatment of anxiety disorder and depression caused by bullying

The case covered here is presented with the permission of the person in question, as always in my blogs. This person (I call her Sanna here) came to my office for EMDR therapy with a referral from a psychiatrist for her to be able to address the underlying factors of her sleeping difficulties, recurring nightmares, motoric restlessness, and depression.

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Psychological services

Psychological services