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The work of Mindroot is based on the idea that it is a healthcare, training and work supervision provider whose main form of help is based on EMDR therapy. As experts in EMDR therapy and healthcare professionals, we believe that we must provide the customer with the quickest and most cost-effective help possible. Our work supervision and sports training experience has taught us that EMDR is also a great tool in work supervision and sports intervention, especially when the supervision is focused on traumatic or difficult experiences at the work or sports, which have created disturbing memories.

Often, successful customer care does not require several years of work. At Mindroot, the focus is on good treatment planning and cost-effective and justified care. The same applies for work supervision. Regarding training, we always check in advance what the customer wants, which is a good result for them. In this way, the focus of the training is made to meet the customer's needs. We also conduct scientific research on treatment effectiveness and develop treatment and coaching methods based on EMDR therapy.