Psychologists and psychotherapists with backgrounds as psychologists

Psykologin konsultointi, psykoterapia yksilölle 110 € / 45 min, 150 € / 60 min ja 220 € / 90 min

Psykologin konsultointi parille, pariterapia 225 € /90 min

Vocational guidance in healthcare 130 € / 45 min and 170 € / 60 min

Työnohjaus terveydenhuollon ulkopuolelle 162 € / 45 min ja 211 € / 60 min (sis. ALV 24 %) 

Oikeuspsykologin konsultointi 215 € / 60 min (sis. ALV 24 %) 

Group vocational guidance, group intervention and group coaching: The price is negotiated with the client according to the participants, number of appointments, duration, and target group on a case-by-case basis.

Specialist in psychiatry

The price of a specialist appointment (less than 60 min) is 250 € (Kela reimbursement code 0101E). In EMDR individual therapy by a specialist, the price is 160 € / 45 min. Treatments typically take 60-120 min from which the final price is counted. As for an EMDR treatment longer than 90 min, Kela’s reimbursement is 0541 x 2.

An expert statement provided by a psychiatrist (clinical trial and/or devising a statement) 320 € / 60 min (incl. VAT 24%)

Psychotherapy appointments with a psychiatrist and the final feedback given on them 370 € / 90 min (incl. VAT 0%)

Group EMDR treatment or intervention and coaching

The price is negotiated with the client based on participants, number of appointments, duration, and target group on a case-by-case basis.

HUS purchase services and Kela's rehabilitative psychotherapy

At Mindroot Helinä Häkkänen provides therapy paid by HUS and rehabilitative psychotherapy available through Kela. The price of Kela’s rehabilitative psychotherapy is 110 € / 45 min, from which 57.60 € is compensated by Kela. The deductible 52.40 € is paid by the customer. HUS or Kela will not compensate uncanceled appointments.

Insurance and occupational health

Mindroot collaborates with several insurance companies and occupational health service providers. In the case of voluntary insurances, which include private accident, home and health insurances, the appointments are often paid by the customer who then submits a reimbursement claim to the insurance company. As for statutory insurances (occupational and traffic accidents), the treatment can be billed directly to the insurance company if we have received an insurance certificate from the insurance company.

Occupational health guidance can be billed to the employer if we have received a commitment from the payer to it. In commitments the recommended number of appointments is 5-10 times. The final number of treatments is based on achieving productive treatment.